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Welcome to Culver City Concrete Contractor, the one-stop shop for high-quality driveways, patios, commerical parking lots, RV and HVAC pads, and anything else involving concrete. 

About Us

Welcome to Culver City Concrete Contractor! Based soley in Culver City, we are a local company that services the entire West Los Angeles region with the integrity we would want for oursleves. No large corporate overhead and red tape, just a passion for quality workmanship and customer service lived out through small, invested teams. You can trust that we want to make our neighborhoods as safe and beautiful as you do. All undertaken projects are treated with the respect and care we would deliver for our own home’s projects. 

Wooden pooolside open air structure with grass and trees in the background

Home Projects, Walkways, Gardens, Patios, Curbs

Concrete plays a vital role for your house, whether directly or indirectly. Ensuring its quality is a vital step towards protect your property investment.

Parking Lots, High-Traffic Floors, Curbs, Sign Foundations

Construction can be inconvenient for your business. We collaborate with you to make the process as fast, efficient, and non-intrusive as possible. 

Inspections, Inclined, Ribbon, Circular,

A good driveway will  protect your cars and making your property more appealing. Whether you need a new one or just need to fix the one you have, we can help.

Solid Bases for New Buildings, Mailboxes, Signs, of Any Weight

Stable foundations are key to the longevity of new bedrooms, mailboxes, or anything else. Our sturdy concrete foundations are perfect for all of your projects! 

RV Pads/Parking Space, AC Pads, Basketball Courts

Looking to add some solid surface area to your property? Whatever the reason may be, we’ll help you maximize your property’s space at a minimal cost.

Stained, Exposed, Pre-colored, Stamped (patterns and words)

Don’t worry about the dull color of concrete making your home look drab, we offer plenty of options to spice up your home asthetic with decorative concrete.